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Aerial Intelligence

Forty North will provide you with valuable actionable aerial intelligence to enable rapid problem solving, real time data capture, and on-demand emergency response.  Please visit our services page for more info or book your request now.

Infrastructure Inspections

Maintaining standard level of operating infrastructure over long period of times is difficult, especially in hard to reach areas.  Forty North specializes in monitoring and capturing aerial intelligence of these areas.  We offer and partner with insurance companies and home inspectors to fully capture and analyze the hard to see spots of your home or commercial facility.

Public Safety

Emergency Services include pre planning activities, on-demand emergency response of our fleet, search and rescue (SAR) and training. By partnering with us, we become an asset to your technical rescue team.  Outsourcing your sUAS requirements to Forty North allows quality, safe, and immediate actionable drone services with no upfront out of pocket costs in equipment or training.

Civil Engineering

Aerial mapping and surveys for construction job sites.  Forty North can conduct regularly scheduled detailed and accurate aerial maps and 3d models of your job site.

FAA Part 107 Certified!

@40ndrones is FAA Part 107 certified, fully insured, and operated by pilots with enhanced training in several verticals. We use small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) to deliver aerial intelligence for periodic updates, near real-time monitoring, survey and/or mapping.

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