Forty North Technologies Merger News

For immediate release:

June 23, 2023

Forty North Technologies has announced effective immediately it’s been acquired by e25 Internetworking. e25 will incorporate the Forty North name and brand and continue to offer both aviation related services with e25’s combined IT services. The combined forces of e25 and FNT will create a next generation IT as a Service company focusing on helping small businesses go to market with Cloud Technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI), IT Lifecycle Services, Aerial intelligence and support for today’s emerging business software.

Core services will be to help small to mid-size businesses migrate to the cloud while utilizing the best of choice of technology available. Additionally businesses already in the cloud, FNT has developed services to help you refresh, run & maintain, monitor and rightsize your existing cloud footprint. “Many businesses are overspending on cloud infrastructure and we see thousands of dollars being burned on under utilized systems every month. That not only hurts their green footprint through energy wasted but hurts the IT budget.  I wanted to create a vehicle to help business owners and IT leaders, who many not have a full time IT person or a person knowledgeable and experienced around cloud tech, that can help keep or achieve a significant cost reduction. While keeping the lights on and the pain off.” States principle of the newly combined organization Steven Timko. Mr. Timko brings decades of hands on IT experience dealing with complex enterprise problems while offering near real-time solutions on the job for large corporations such as Eclipse Internet Access, Logical Design Solutions, Tullett Prebon, Citigroup, McGraw-Hill, Synchronoss Technologies and Oracle. 
FNT will go to market with a core set of service vehicles with leading global partnerships aimed at making your full IT stack simple and not a headache. Services will include Data management and visualization, Disaster Recovery and Backup solutions, IT Lifecycle Services (ITAM, ITAD), DevOps automation, Cloud Migrations, System Refreshes, License and infrastructure cost management, Incident Management, Systems & Application implementations services and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning use cases.
For more information, please reach out to Forty North Technologies, 908.864.5183 or sales(at)